About us

Each child is a precious gem and we at Modern Marvels understand that each child is an individual and his education, health and safety are of paramount importance for us. We encourage social awareness among the children, self respect and respect for others and their work.


“Our mission is to ensure that each student acquire the knowledge, skills and core values necessary to achieve personal success and to enrich the community.”


“To provide highest quality education in a safe and nurturing environment which is inspirational and relevant to children’s need.”

Curriculum philosophy

“Teacher who loves teaching, teach children to love learning” - Robert John Meehan

Our curriculum is designed to promote the physical, social-emotional, cognitive and language development of children.

Every child is unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth. We believe in respecting and responding to each child’s learning preference also strive for excellence through a developmentally appropriate nurturing environment with highly trained staff and creative curriculum.

Why Modern Marvel?

Our aim is to give every child access to high quality Pre-school Education.

To create beneficial spirit in children according to their abilities, which benefit them in regular school years and beyond.

To fulfil curiosity among children as young as 3 year old, which if fulfilled early, can be sustained in later years.

Early childhood learning positively affects brain structure and creates the basic foundation for them to do marvellous jobs in future.

There is no greater job than to inspires a young child to fall in love with learning. The joy we all experience when we see a child’s face light up with awareness and knowledge is priceless and as teachers and parents we get to do this every day!

At Modern Marvel we are striving to create a balanced mix of activities and materials that bring out the natural learner in each child. We focus on their own learning styles and abilities, and support their growth with caring and creative student/teacher interactions.